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Working with Weiko

The human resources have always represented the main successful factor for our company.

Weiko constantly looks for young professionals to include within its staff.
We want to meet  dynamic and motivated people, who are focused on achieving the objectives and predisposed for teamwork and interpersonal relations.

A big team

The excellence of human resources has always been a strategically decisive factor for our success. For this reason, we work in order to develop individuals and teams’ full potential, with the aim of ensuring a high level of training and professionalism, which could allow us to consolidate the achieved levels of excellence in the design, production, sales and service of our product .
All the interested ones, can send a resume to the email:

We evaluate  applications for the following departments:


  • Production 


  • Logistics 


  • Commercial & Sales 


  • Information Technology


  • Marketing 


Traineeships/ Internship

During the whole year, we evaluate proposals  for traineeship  within our staff, both in the production department and in the offices.
If you already have a technical graduation or a university degree and you are looking for a supplementary training course, you have the right  qualifications for our teaching programs in collaboration with a professional academy or a technical university.

If you are interested in spending a period of internship, please submit your resume  to, indicating in the object internship/ traineeship.



for those who want to design their own trolley based on specific needs



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